You Can Now Go Green with The Sims 4 Expansion Pack

EA and Maxis has announced that the latest expansion for The Sims 4 is coming to the Origin PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One systems this coming June 5.

The latest expansion titled, Eco Lifestyle allows Sims to go green and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle in their own homes. With the expansion pack, the sims will allow alternative energy resources, grow their own food, and up-cycle materials for new furniture. Sims can join with their community to shape the transformation to become more green and self-sustainability to change the world around them.

We’re thrilled to give players the opportunity to explore an eco-friendly way of living in The Sims and play the change they want to see, by discovering and practicing sustainable habits, like using solar panels or wind turbines to power their electricity, or upcycling materials to create new furniture, players and their Sims can play with life in all-new ways.

said George Pigula, Producer of The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack.

Here’s a short rundown of the features the expansion pack will have:

  • Evergreen Harbor – a new community where Sims have a direct influence on the state of the environment with every decision they make
  • Sims can produce their own electricity and water with solar panels, wind turbines, and dew collectors
  • Sims can grown their own food with a new vertical garden
  • Sims can decorate with remade furniture
  • Dress head to toe in clothes that are sustainably made from reclaimed materials
  • You can scrounge up pre-used objects and ingredients to repurpose for new and creative goods
  • A new community Voting Board – which allows a variety of weekly Neighborhood Action Plans
  • New Career: Civil Designer, Freelance Crafter
  • Nature in the sim’s community retreat as junk accumulates on property and air pollutions levels rise.

The expansion pack is going to be available for $39.99. You can head to the website to know more about the expansion. And the expansion is going to be made available via Origin PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.