XSplit Developer Acquires Overlay Edito, Strexm

We reported last time that Splitmedialabs acquired Challonge and Player.Me, two sites dedicated in bringing gaming related service. We got word last week that he company acquired the overlay streaming editor Strexm.

The acquisition of the Stream Overlay Pro, an overlay tool currently in development that enables tournament organizers to create and manage professional stream overlays. Erick Rodriguez, the creator of the overlay joins the company to continue developing the tool.

Strexm are also adding over 150 customisable overlays to their service, which are tailored around the latest titles, including Overwatch, Doom, League of Legends and more. They will now allow additional custom widgets and alerts. Broadcasters can also easily add overlay-designed polls, goals, labels, timers and more to their broadcast and create new opportunities for interactivity with their viewers. Whilst previously only supporting Twitch, Strexm will also offer support for Hitbox & YouTube Gaming, with support for Beam and other services coming soon after.

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