Wartune and DDTank Creator Releasing Martial Arts RPG Titled, Wulin

We got word that Game Hollyood and Proficient City, the two companies that brought mobile games Wartune and DDTank has collaborated once again and this time, it’s a martial arts themed MMORPG game, Wulin.

Based on Jin Yong‘s classic martial arts novels, Wulin, is a cross platform title that allows players to follow throuh a story driven, action oriented martial arts game for the mobile, tablet and computer platforms.

The game has these features (descriptions are taken from the brief):

  • Epic Weapons and Familiar Heroes – Thanks to the collection system, players can collect and use legendary weapons in the battle. Besides, they can become masters of the Martial Arts. Players will encounter many characters from Jin Yong‘s novels to experience their stories and to challenge them.
  • PvP Battle and Boss Dungeons – Player will be able to join one of the four factions ruling this world: Shaolin,Gaibang, Xiaoyao, Mingjiao. Each one will give them new and different skills to fight the other factions in the Faction PvP. Also, they can become the leaders of their own faction if they are strong enough. To challenge the Boss and the most difficult player the player will have to team up. They can also choose to compete against each other, the player who deals more damage to the Boss will receive a special title.
  • Exquisite Art Work and Easy Operation – The high quality graphics and detailed character design will immerse you in this world. Customize your character and see it change their appearance depending on the items equipped. Each Martial Art has its own special effects, and the battles are strategic and dynamic. The easy battle system will allow player from any kind to win the battles easily.

Wulin is set to be released this coming November 23, 2017. You can head to the main site here, or you can head to the official fanpage here. Those who register will be given free gift packs, 7 days login packs, growth packs and other freebie packs to start off the journey.