Ubisoft Announces New Content Update with Xbox One X Optimization

Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s latest upcoming update, update 1.8.1 will bring in game updates and will also include two new global updates titled, Blackout and Onslaught which will happen at the end of April and end of May respectively.

Update 1.8.1 will include Xbox One X Enhanced 4K Ultra HD optimization and will also have additional updates which are:

  •  Increased drop rate for Classified Gear
  • Legendary difficulty added for Amherst’s Apartment and Grand Central Station missions
  • More than 40 new commendations
  • Global Events offer new Classified Gear Set catches specific to each set
  • Legendary Missions have 20% chance to reward Classified Gear
  • Assignments provide more Division Tech
  • Season Pass supply drop awards 100 Division Tech
  • Bug fixes

The 1.8.1 update will be available on all platforms and currently is live now.