Two Numbers Puzzle | DAGeeks Game Review

At first glance this game looks like that game that was very popular before called 2048, and you would be partially right. This game goes by the same system of merging numbers together to get the next tier from 2-4-8-16-32 and so on.

The game starts you off with a 6×6 grid filled with tiles unlike the game I mentioned before. The goal? to get the highest points by merging the tiles for as long as you can. The difference with the previous titles though is that you only affect only 1 group of tiles at a time. lets say there is a 2×2 square of 2s and I swipe it to the left, the action you do will only affect those numbers and merge in the direction you swipe, the space will be filled in by the rest of the tiles along with new tiles to replace their spot.

I wouldn’t call this innovative, or even fun, but that’s just my opinion. personally i prefer the 2048 type games over this, where your swipe affects the whole board and not specific areas. You can download the game here via Android or iOS.