Paladins Open Beta 53 Patch is Now Out, Adds More Skins, Summer Chest, and A New Package

Hi-Rez Studios has released the 53rd Open Beta patch for Paladins which adds more skins, the summer chest and a new package for the game.

The new package, named the Realm Pack includes the ff:

  • Frostmare Mount
  • Seven (7) day Exp/Gold Booster
  • 10x Radiant Chest
  • 2x Flair Chest

The bundles are worth 126.41 PHP

Asides from the realm pack, Lex and Cassie gets new summer skins can be obtained on the new Summer Chest. The chest contains the Patriotic Weapon which includes American themed weapons fro Ash, Lex, Maeve, and Viktor. You can win a summer chest for free if you win one game of Onslaught mode.

Another addition to the OBS53 patch brings in the new Steam Demon skin for Androxus. The steam punk inspired skin is obtainable through the champion skin chest and the weapon chest. Three more cosmetic items that will head for Buck, Androxus and Willo and these champions will have Obsidian and master skins, emotes, and sprays. To know more about the details of the patch notes, you can check it here.