Three Reasons Why I’m Excited for Grand Guilds

In spite of what’s happening in the world, here’s some good news

While I’m still getting eaten up by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I’m taking the time to carve up my already limited game time with upcoming Pinoy developed and published Steam/Switch game, Grand Guilds which will be released tomorrow, March 26.

So why should I even be excited for this game? Is it just because it’s a Pinoy game? (developed by Drix Studios, and published by Keybol Games) Not just, (but mostly), here are some of the reasons why I’m stoked to play Grand Guilds.

Reason #1 Gameplay

I’m a sucker for a compelling story driven tactical games so seeing that Grand Guilds is a story driven, turn-based RPG with card combat mechanics, I got intrigued. Add to the fact that the game is also using a grid-based movement system, it ranks up a lot in terms of making me interested.

Each playable character in Grand Guilds has unique mechanics and abilities, they even shout out their actions in combat and express their feelings during dialogues.

Says Justin, founder of Drix Studios.

Since the game uses card combat mechanics, I’m expecting deck building comes into play. I personally want to see how this system works since I’ve been into deck-building games ever since I got into it with Vanguard.

Reason #2 Voice Acting

Another thing to point out, or at least that piqued my interest is the use of voice acting in Grand Guilds. While based on the videos and the trailer that this may only be relegated to just characters shouting their moves in the game I like that the voices fit the theme Grand Guilds is using. I personally would’ve preferred to have a bit more pinoys in the VA cast (which can be seen in the game’s IMDb page), but then they wouldn’t really fit the game’s theme.

Just cause it’s Pinoy made game, it doesn’t have to BE solely Pinoy cast especially if it doesn’t fit the theme.

Reason #3 It’s on the Switch

This is pretty much one of the biggest reasons why I am excited for Grand Guilds. Aside from it’s Steam release tomorrow. Grand Guilds is also going to be released on the Nintendo Switch. While my bias for the console is obvious, I really feel like Grand Guilds is a good game to invest on for the Switch. As most tactical, grid-based games as of late, I found playing them on the platform to be the ideal sweet spot in playing games. Instead of getting stuck on the PC playing Grand Guilds, I can literally go around (the house at least because of the current quarantine situation) and play the game, which the Switch is pretty ideal for.

Another thing that I liked about Grand Guilds is that the price for the game is similar to it’s Steam counterpart, 19.99 usd which means that at the games launch, what you really need to decide on is the platform you’d like to play the game on. Plus based on the site, the game is ‘coming soon’ to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platform.

To be honest, there are a lot more things to be excited about Grand Guilds, such as it’s artwork and the seemingly intricate story it has, but I really can’t gauge it on just gameplay videos and screenshots alone, so I’ll comment on it on my review of the game.

So there you have it, these are my reasons on why I’m pretty excited for Grand Guilds, are you?

You can actually head to the Steam Store or Nintendo eShop now to add the game to your wishlist.

Grand Guilds is going to be released tomorrow, March 26. This game is developed one-man team Drix Studios and is published by Keybol Games.