The Maple World has gotten bigger with the addition of the Paladin to its ensemble of characters in MapleStory M, the blockbuster side-scrolling adventure mobile game from Nexon Korea Corporation. Beginning today, players around the world can suit up for battle with a bastion of new content on the App Store and Google Play.

Today’s content update grows Maple World’s recognizable and unique cast with an all-new character, along with a myriad of exclusive new content, including:

  • Honorable Paladin – The powerful Paladin character graces the Explorer class with his one-handed sword and mace primary weapons. He can also utilize skills to wreck additional elemental type damage on the battlefield;
  • Dark Star Force Field – In this higher version of Star Force Field, players will encounter dark monsters with higher levels for even better hunting rewards;
  • Rewarding New Events – To help celebrate today’s content update, players can dive into three exclusive events, including:
    • Character Boost Events – The Burning Event, Growth Support Event, and Update celebration on-time events are also now available. To celebrate the new Damage Skin Customization content, players will also receive a Damage Skin Custom Slot Expansion Ticket;
    • Collect Fairy’s Stars Event – From Thursday, June 20 to Wednesday, July 3, 2019 players can hunt monsters to earn Lucky Boxes and Fairy Coins, which are tradable for rare shop items;
    • Red Meso Shower Event – From Thursday, July 4 to Wednesday, July 17, 2019 teams of four can try their luck at defeating the powerful Meso Monster Hot Air Balloon within 70 seconds to earn a healthy ration of Mesos

If you would like to learn more about MapleStory M, you can check out the official MapleStory M website, or follow them on Facebook.