Strikers 1945: World War Preparing for Global Launch

We just got word that Strikers 1945: Wrold War is preparing for it’s global release of the game for the android platform.

Here’s a rundown of the game features:

A collaboration of the arcade classics such as the Strikers series, Gunbird and Tengai!!

  • The beloved game characters of the past are now back as Operators!! Select and power-up your favorite one!
  • Use the special powers of each Operator to immerse yourself in strategic battles!
  • Manufacture and dismantle aircraft to create your ultimate fighters!

Countless types of missions and hundreds of stages!

  • Choose from normal and hard modes to suit your style!
  • Complete the missions for each stage!! Achieve perfect victory by earning three stars!
  • Utilize numerous partners and items to conquer difficult stages!

A Shooting Fest of Global Proportions!!

  • 14 languages supported! Enjoy the game with players from all over the world!
  • Challenge players worldwide to conquer the global rankings!

Thrilling Shooting Mayhem! Unique Battle Progression!

  • Enjoy longer battles with the new HP system!
  • Unleash multiple levels of skills to engage in spectacular thrill-packed battles!

To know more about the game you can check the android page or get to join the community fanpage.