A good digital marketing strategy is one that empowers your brand, but an excellent digital marketing strategy is one that empowers your consumer. This saying is especially true if you belong to the jewelry industry – where the customer is queen! Today, digital marketing for jewelry brands is not any longer an option – it’s a necessity to drive store visits, increase brand awareness and elevate the image of your brand. Read on for fool-proof digital marketing tips to mark your territory within the online space.

Building your brand image:

Building a household name is every marketer’s prime objective and therefore the initiative thereto is by creating a robust online presence. Jewelry brands got to specialize in the subsequent digital marketing techniques that double up as a strong foundation for future digital strategies.

A great website:

Whether you’ve got a web store or a showroom, an excellent website is vital to draw in more customers and significantly increase your revenue. choose a crisp and clean design that helps tell your brand story. aside from being aesthetically appealing, the great design also provides the unmatched user experience, creating a seamless transition from an inquisitive cause a loyal consumer. However, an interesting design must be protected with great content that keeps your audience engaged. you furthermore may need multiple sites on the homepage that provide in-depth information about your brand and landing pages that behave as e-commerce portals that highlight a specific line of products.

Featured below is that the landing page design incorporated for Gehna – a web boutique that focuses on authentic hand-crafted jewelry. The page features a clean layout and enticing images for pleasing user experience. As you’ll see, the merchandise is described during a clear-cut manner with no distractions and a relevant CTA.

Search Engine Optimization:

In today’s digital age, almost every process – right from buying a bracelet that matches your attire to deciding which sort of jewelry should be worn for various occasions – begins with an easy Google search. Ensure your brand appears on the primary page of the World’s most-used program by creating an ultimate SEO checklist amid various link-building techniques and SEO plugins for WordPress. an in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis to understand what your audience is checking out may be a great way to know what sort of content works.

Digital Marketing:

The most successful digital jewelry marketing agency are people who embody luxury, tell brand stories, and make a deep reference to customers. except for the world’s most prestigious luxury jewelry brands, there’s another challenge: the way to craft a digital strategy that respects the brand’s heritage while at an equivalent time appealing to new generations of young consumers.

Social Media:

Everyone who is anyone is on social media! Reach the very palm of your audience with a robust social media presence that pulls them towards your brand. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are great digital marketing platforms to extend the exposure of your jewelry brand. choose innovative social media campaigns to make awareness about your brand, promote your products and have interaction together with your followers.

Featured below maybe Valentine’s Day campaign we ran for Malabar Gold and Diamonds. We created a series of grid posts on Instagram that utilize the whole screen space on the feed. This drove tons of engagement on the page that led to a whopping 1500 new followers!


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