StarCraft II is Now Ten Years Old and Blizzard Releases 10th Anniversary patch

StarCraft II has turned ten yesterday. And to commemorate the past ten years, Blizzard has rolled out some player-requested features to StarCraft II in a 10th Anniversary patch which is now live.

Here’s the feature rundown of the features:

  • StarCtraft II Biggest Patch to date – Updates to the Galaxy Map Editor, new campaign achievements, and new prestige talents for every co-op commander.
  • Watch Starcraft II’s All-Stars in War Chest Team League – Matches have already begun! Catch all the action on War Chest Team League brings nine teams together, each captained by a pro caster who will bring their top-tier casting chops and insider knowledge!
  • Starcraft II Short Stories – We’re rolling out a series of new short stories set in StarCraft’s Koprulu Sector—one focused on each race—beginning with “One People, One Purpose” by Alex Acks.
  • The 10 Greatest Games in StarCraft II Esports – Members of the StarCraft II development team recount high-flying moments, personal faves, and unforgettable upsets from the last decade in StarCraft II esports.
  • Log-in Reward: White-Ra Announcer – Log in at any time from today until August 11 to unlock a new announcer—the Protoss-playing mastermind White-Ra—for free!

For more information about what’s coming in the StarCraft II 10th Anniversary patch here.