Samurai Shodown’s Mobile MMO ARPG Open Beta Is Now Ongoing

Time to use Haohmaru then!

VNG has announced that they have yet again released a game set in the SNK universe. This time focusing mostly on the beloved fighting game, Samurai Showdown.

Titled as Samurai Shodown: The Legend of Samurai the game will have you choose from a selection of 4 classes which are namely Swordsman, Magician, Ranger, and Ninja classes. Based on videos (since I’ve yet to jump into the game as this posting) it’s an MMO – ARPG game which is pretty much a dime a dozen these days. The only big difference is this one carries a bit more nostalgia most especially with the Samurai Shodown brand as it’s main hook.

One of the gameplay videos can be seen below,


πŸ”Ή This is a gentle-tempered-warrior who can reduce the fighting of the opponent just by the mysterious, smooth and rhythmic dance moves. πŸ”Ή Kagura's wide-range-damage is an advantage in team battle which makes other warriors have to be aware of.See you soon, Warrior!!! Just 6 days left 😘πŸ”₯ SAMURAI SHODOWN – The Legend of Samurai officially launches on Aug 26, 2020.πŸ‘‰ Pre-register now to receive a free $100 gift (Jul 31 ~ Aug 24):πŸ‘‰ Join Group Event to get more gifts (Jul 29 ~ Aug 26):═══════════════════SAMURAI SHODOWN – The Legend of SamuraiπŸ”₯ Reborn The Heroic BloodπŸ”₯ A Japanese Warrior 3D Action role-playing gameπŸ‘‘ Join the Group of Samurai Shodown at: #VNG #ActionRPG #Action #MMOARPG

Posted by Samurai Shodown: The Legend of Samurai on Friday, August 21, 2020

Currently, the game is out in Open Beta at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store so you can pretty much play the game now.

During the OBT Period, VNG is giving away 5 in-game keys that would net you the ff:

  1. Kyoshiro Senryo
  2. 180 Bound Jade Chest
  3. Bag leather x3
  4. Critical Damage Mark Lv. 3

All you need to do is to like the official page. And show in the comments section that you already liked your account (and we’ll send the code to you via email) along with your email so we can send the code to you πŸ˜€