Rogue Life: Squad Goals Celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year with Various Events

Rogue Life: Squad Goals is celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year with various themed events for existing and new players.

The Chinese Lunar New Year is segregated into two events, major and minor events.

Major Event

The major event requires people to rate and review Rogue Life: Squad goals and get gifts. Also inviting friends to play Rogue Life: Squad Goals and both you and the friend will get rewards. Also the game is also asking to reach a target like of the Rogue Life page to receive special coupon codes for everyone in the game.

Details for how this would happen is not mentioned by the release, so it’s best to check out the fanpage for more info.

Minor Event


Logging into the game nets you gems that can get as high as 600 gems.

Players can also win a 5-star wing reward from the lottery.

Also you get to double up rewards for every 5x participating in the Deluxe Lottery x10.

You can also watch the Rogue Life Game Clock for Hot Time Events.

For more details on the various events you can check out the Rogue Life fanpage here.