Razer Jumps on the Pokemon Go Bandwagon with RazerGo Communications App

It seems that even the gaming peripherals manufacturer/designer Razer is jumping in on the Pokemon Go bandwagon with their latest software geared specifically for Pokemon Go players.

Named as Razer Go. The iOS and Android ready app allows Pokemon Go players to chat/coordinate through the comms. system either locally, or by region or at a more global reach. The app also segregates the channels you can chat into by the teams you’re affiliated with.

Razer Go Image Information Edit Image DAGeeks Razer Go Image Team Information Edit Image DAGeeks

The game’s chat feature is currently really basic with the recent addition of private messaging other players in the area. The app actually fills in what seems to lack in the actual Pokemon Go app, a means of being able to communicate with other players in the area.

Razer Go General Chat Image DAGeeks

There’s nothing really fancy with the app for now. But knowing with the way Razer does their comms. software, they’ll add a lot more gimmicky stuff into Razer Go in the future.

The fun thing about Razer Go is that you can also connect to the chat even without the app via browser.

Razer Go in PC Browser Image DAGeeks

For more information on the Razer Go App, you can head to the site FAQ. You can download the app on the iOS here or at the Android here.