Ragnarok Online Philippines Opens Chaos Server and Brings in 2-2 Job Classes

Ragnarok Online Philippines has announced that it’s opening it’s third server, Chaos, to players today as the Midgard inspired MMORPG moves forward amidst server issues and problems during it’s current revival in the local gaming scene.

The opening of the third server also introduces to the promised 2-2 job classes that opens up to the alternate secondary classes for the swordsman (Crusader), thief (rogue), mage (sage), acolyte (monk) and merchant (alchemist) classes for all servers.

Sadly, the alternate job class for the archer class namely, the Bard and Dancers aren’t part of the 2-2 release. I have reached out to Elite Global Solutions, the local publisher for Ragnarok Online Philippines¬†for comment on this absence. So I’ll update this post as soon as I get word from them on this.

For more info, you can head to the Ragnarok Online Philippines website, it’s fanpage or it’s official community group.