Experience Resident Evil 2 Through Board Games via the Resident Evil 2 Board Game!

While I personally never finished any of the Resident Evil games, I know for a fact that the franchise is one of Capcom‘s more enduring titles. Spawning a spin-off live action movie series along with tie-up animation movies, arcade games and even a live attraction (only at Japan- bohoo). The world where zombies were made cool again has people mining whatever they can from it. For good and worse.

And now, we are getting the board game equivalent for arguably the best of the Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 2. The game is currently is undergoing it’s Kickstarter campaign (and as of this post, 26 days remaining) is created by Steamforged Games, the same company who created the Dark Souls board game.

Resident Evil 2 the Board Game is a fully co-op adventure that forces people to work together in an almost similar fashion to another famous co-op board game, Pandemic. Players according to the Kickstarter page must work together to accomplish the selected scenario with the death of one player ending their run. So far, based on the images and teases of the game mode, it would seem that Steamforged Games was able to capture the essence of the original video game.

Overall, the game seems to be a good solid thematic board game. However, there’s one small thing that I found really odd with the game is Steamforged Games chose to have is the store owner, Robert Kendo as part of the roster. The other characters out of the box are Ada WongLeon S Kennedy, and Claire Redfield. Which are given since they are the three people who were made famous in the title but Kendo!? I mean they could literally choose a lot more options like Hunk and Tofu. Heck, they could also add in Jill Valentine. But I guess, it’s more likely going to be an expansion character, heck they included Sherry Birkin as an obtainable extra character as a Kickstarter bonus.

I mean, sure, the gun store owner!?

If you’d like to know more or even support the Kickstarter, you can check out the page right here.