Ragnarok Online Open Beta Begins Tomorrow Announces Top-up Promo

Ragnarok Online Philippines has finally announced that the Open Beta Test for the game will start tomorrow afternoon, 3:00 P.M. Philippines time (just in case we have anyone wanting to play the game outside of the country) that will last for a week and a month. So the period will end until July 31st. The announcement comes with the numbers during the Closed Beta Test and the details for the Rok Points promo during the first week of the OBT.

The OBT also comes with a Rok points promo and the services that we can use to purchase the points which are namely:

And here’s the conversion rate for the peso to Rok points:

And for a limited time, it seems that Electronics Extreme is providing a limited package for those who would purchase during the OBT period.

And if you’re interested with what the Angel Scroll contains the ff. items:

To know more about the OBT promos, you can check out the site here.