Power Rangers: All Stars available now

Ever dreamt of making your own power ranger team? maybe pairing up rangers from different times. Maybe pair up Kimberly with the red ranger from Zeo, or maybe even make a team filled with only Tommy Oliver. team up and fight against the forces of evil in Nexon‘s newest mobile RPG.

NEXON Korea Corporation, a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games, in partnership with Hasbro, has launched Power Rangers: All Stars, the first Power Rangers franchise mobile RPG. The highly-anticipated mobile game is available now for iPhone and Android.

Players will experiment with diverse Rangers and abilities to create the ultimate team of champions to thwart extraterrestrial scum and villainy. The Power Rangers: All Stars gameplay features include:

  • Endless Strategy – A large roster of playable Rangers and unique abilities lead to a massive array of skill combinations to keep the gameplay fresh;
  • Intense 5v5 Battles – Players can recruit and deploy unique Ranger teams to battle against players from around the world;
  • Challenging Missions – Select teams of Rangers to engage in tough Daily Missions and Dimensional Explorations that require meticulous planning and proactive strategic maneuvers;
  • Unique Player Development System – Research mode allows players to find rare items by testing enemies with different kinds of Rangers.
  • Seamless Gameplay – Tight controls and precision tactics keep Power Rangers All-Stars interesting; traditional ‘grinding’ gameplay need not apply;
  • Impressive Visuals – Stunning graphics and visual effects reimagine fan-favorite Rangers and abilities as never seen before;
  • Megazords – Collect 5 Rangers per series to unlock awesome new Megazord abilities;
  • Alliance Raids – Team-up with friends via the clan system to form Alliances and compete in both Alliance Raids and daily dungeons;
  • Gritty Dungeons – Explore limited dimensional rifts and obtain crystal, gold, and character pieces to summon and grow your Rangers;
  • Global Launch Events – All players can participate in multiple launch-day events to earn unique prizes and rewards, such as:

o   Power Event 1 – All players can receive rewards for achieving 1M registrations. The rewards include:

  • Mighty Morphin RED Ranger Piece x 30
  • Gold x 300,000

o   Power Event 2 – All players can receive Crystal x 500 for achieving 1,000 Facebook shares on the Power Rangers: All Stars page.

Power Rangers: All Stars is free-to-play and rated E for Everyone (ESRB). It is available today worldwide. Additional information for members of the press:

  • Download assets for Power Rangers: All-Stars here
  • View the Power Rangers: All-Stars trailer (Western)
  • View the Power Rangers: All-Stars trailer (Asia)
  • Visit the Power Rangers: All-Stars official website
  • Check out the official Power Rangers: All-Stars Facebook Page