Playpark Launchpad Showcases Details and Updates from the Company’s Roster of Games

Playpark invited members of the media last Tuesday at High Grounds Cafe to celebrate Launch Pad. Playpark give opportunities to members of the media along with influences in on updates for their list of games and titles for the rest of the year and moving forward.

Here’s a short Rundown of what they showcased during the event

Audition Next Level

Playpark‘s Rhythm game, Audion Dance Battle gets a “rebirth” for it’s 11th year as the company is releasing Audition Next Level. Though Launch Pad didn’t elaborate on what changes exactly will the game get, here’s a short rundown of what they’re going to release taken from the PR.

Audition Dance Battle Philippines celebrates with a rebirth as Audition Next Level! This beloved free-to- play casual rhythm game comes with improved game quality, enhanced multi-layer security with its upcoming major server update and features never seen locally such as –

1. New songs and avatar items,
2. Tournament servers,
3. Mac boards, and
4. Single garden – to name a few.

If you’d like to check out more details, you can head to the official Audition Next Level site.

Special Force and Special Force 2 World Championship

Another announcement during Launch Pad is the introduction of the Philippine representatives for Special Force and Special Force 2. Two teams will be sent out by Playpark for the World Championships which are Team Wagas for Special Force and Team Wiki Essence for Special Force 2

Special Force PH representatives: Team Wagas
Special Force 2 PH representatives: Team WIki Essence

For Special Force World Championships, Team Wagas will be competing against players from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Southeast Asia. While Team Wiki Essence will be facing against teams from Japan, Korea, and Thailand for Special Force 2.

New Mobile Game: War of Heroes

Playpark also released their latest mobile game during the one-day affair, War of Heroes to the attendees. We’ll be reviewing the game eventually. You can get more info here. You can also download the game for Android devices here, and for iOS devices here.

RF Online is Back!

The biggest announcement that was released from Playpark Launch Pad is the return of yet another MMORPG, RF Online. They announced that the Playpark team was well on their way of reworking the game to be a bit more better suited for today’s set of rigs. And in fact, the limited beta period is going to start this coming November, while the open beta is set to happen this coming December if there’s no other things happening wrong.

For more info you can head to the RF Online site for more info.