Watching Movies with GCash

One of the things I’ve been truly enjoying ever since I as a kid is watching movies. And well, clearly I wouldn’t even setup DAGeeks if I wasn’t an avid cinema goer. And it seems that GCash is making my life easier with the App, allowing me to buy in a more convenient way.

I love how the GCash app just lines up the cinemas near you instead of just focusing on just one area:


The app also provides more information on what you can watch from the cinemas:


And then the app also shows you the available chairs in the cinema:

The fun thing about using the GCash app is that it works just like you have your own teller in your place. Though of course it’s a little more expensive because of the convenience the app provides as you can see right here:

And well, that’s just basically what I book a ticket for Thor: Ragnarok¬†(review to follow, courtesy of Yu F.O.!

Thank you GCash for setting up the opportunity to test the app this way! You can head to the GCash site to know more about the service. You can download the app here for the Android and iOS devices.