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One of the things I’ve always looked forward to every Christmas season (aside from the global celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth and being with family) is the aguinaldos I’ll be getting from my Uncles, Aunties, and of course, Ninongs, and Ninangs.

And considering that I’ve already reached the age where I have to be giver instead of the recipient of these gifts, it’s nice that instead of scrambling through the malls to find that gift, all I need to do is have my smartphone ready.

What I’m talking about is me having the option to give away aguinaldos by using PayMaya.

That’s right, as a geeky ninong/tito, it falls under my periphery that I be one of those who is heavily promoting the use of fintech as a means to give this season.

With that said, it seems like PayMaya is giving us incentive to actually give via the app. We’ll be able to get 10 php cashback for a minimum of 200 php money sent via the app. And we can get up to a total of 100 php cashback by giving via PayMaya with 10 php cashback received daily. In fact, if you give a total amount of 10,000 php, PayMaya is giving another 100 php php on top of our initial cashback.

Sending aguinaldo to your inaanak via PayMaya is easy. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

    1. Make sure that both you and your recipient have your own PayMaya account. Use my code: uionwj when you sign up to earn 50 php instantly!
    2. Open the app and go to Send Money
    3. Key in the PayMaya mobile number of the recipient along with the amount for your Aguinaldo (minimum for cashback is 200 php)
    4. Hit send
    5. You will receive an SMS confirming your transaction and another SMS informing you of your P10 cashback
    6. You can get up to 100 php cashback, 10 php per day.
    7. When you send an accumulate amount of 10,000 php, you earn 100 php on top of your initial cashback.
    8. The maximum cashback each participating user can earn during the promo period is 100 php.

Kaya basta aguinaldo, don’t give cash. PayMaya!

There are tons more of deals PayMaya has for the Christmas season, so to find more, you can head to

For the latest updates and promos, don’t forget to follow PayMaya on Facebook (/PayMayaOfficial/) and Instagram @paymayaofficial

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