New Stuff to Come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

As some of you may know, Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) was datamined, most popularly used for the turnip price calculators. Ninji, who did the earlier mentioned datamine, has done it again. Lots of new information has been revealed:

  • Vegetable farms
  • Dishes

Arts according to the datamine will be making a comeback, these were just paintings or sculptures players could purchase, display, and/or donate to Blathers for his Museum. Last I saw this was in Animal Crossing in the DS.

With the addition of Artworks, Blathers will also be upgrading his museum to make way for these pieces, just like he does for the fossils, fish, and bugs. There will apparently also be a shop, which I’m assuming you can purchase souvenirs of like a gift shop. What really interests me though is the Museum Cafe.

The Museum Cafe in a previous game was where K.K. Slider would hold his gigs each Saturday of the week and would give a copy of his song should you not have it yet. you could also talk to the barista, Brewster the pigeon. Whose presence becomes more important with the other information found.

Vegetables were also found inside, players might be able to channel their inner farmer and grow veggies like tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, and wheat. Why bother letting players have an Eating feature, or even grow food? well, this was all probably a set up for the Dishes.

That’s right, Dishes were found to be among the new types of items other than Art, which leads me to believe we can cook our own food, maybe another encyclopedia to complete. This is probably why they’re bringing in Brewster despite the fact that K.K. Slider won’t be tied to his cafe anymore, maybe he’ll be a judge in a cooking contest, maybe he’ll be the one to teach the basics of cooking, and whom you can learn new food recipes from as well.