Fans of the Anime/Manga Naruto are in for a treat as the upcoming mobile MMO, titled, Naruto Slugfest is now opening up for the Pre-Registration for it’s upcoming Closed Beta Test period.

You can head to the pre-registration site here.

Only select areas will have access to the CBT phase of the game so if you’re someone who’s excited to see the first ever Naruto themed open world 3D MMO Game then it’s high time for you to register. The CBT period is slated for a January 2020 release so it’s opening the year with a bang.

Based from what I’ve seen during the Naruto Slugfest launch. The game will follow the Naruto Shippuden arc where Naruto went away from Konoha to be trained under Jiraiya. The game will open up where you will be part of this arc.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this as rolls out more details, or you can check out the site or official fanpage of the game.

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