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MapleStory SEA has announced that it’s launching it’s next major patch and the newest job class for the game today, the Adventure patch and the Pathfinder job class.

This patch will introduce class rebalances, a new theme dungeon (Secret Forest Elludin), SG/MY maps revamped into Starforce maps.

Wielding an Ancient Bow marked by a curse, the Pathfinder’s inclusion makes it one of the few archer type class currently available in-game. Governed by a new system called the Relic Gauge, Pathfinders charge it up using three different Cardinal skills. With a full gauge, players can then unleash devastatingly powerful skills to decimate their enemies. Some of these new abilities can be further enhanced with special characteristics from the basic archer skills.

The Pathfinder class will be playable in early June. Players, however, can pre-register their interest early, beginning las May 15 until June 2. Pre-registering nets them special rewards with an unlockable, ultimate tier with more rewards upon 20,000 pre-registers. New and existing players may pre-register here.

In addition, there is also a pre-creation period which allows players to create their Pathfinder character in advance before the class unlocks for play. This pre-creation goes live today.

Tera Burning is back starting today until June 18. During the event, players are empowered to rapidly train a new character (one per MapleID) to level 200. For every level gained, Tera Burning will add two extra levels. For example, leveling up to 148 will bring you to 151 immediately followed by 154, 157 and so forth until level 199, when the effect is removed. As the Pathfinder class is new, they cannot participate in Tera Burning.

Rounding up the expansive list of things are daily and weekly in-game events that will run from May to July. More information can be found here.

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