MapleStory Blitz Gets New Content with the Grand Battle Update

Nexon Korea announced the release of the Grand Battle celebration event and new game modes for the mobile trading card game, MapleStory Blitz.

The event will bring in the following changes to the game:

  • “Spear Meets Shield” – Game mode where players are given a special Grand Battle deck to engage powerful opponents;
  • New Attacks – Ephenia now damages the enemy Tower whenever she is summoned, but “Water Shield” prevents damage. Players must master both to win;
  • Additional Planned Combat Modes – Other Grand Battle modes with challenging new rules are planned for future release following “Spear Meets Shield.”

Players also are invited to participate in the MapleStory Blitz Grand Battle Celebration Event for the duration of the content update. Prizes include:

  • Grand Battle Box – Awarded for winning five times in Grand Battle;
  • Grand Battle Portrait – Awarded for winning 20 times in Grand Battle.

The event will run until April 25 and you can download the game for the iOS here and Android here.