Lost Saga is coming to the Philippines

I had the privilege of covering the even for the announcement of Lost Saga coming to the Philippines.

Lost Saga is a MMO action brawler game, with over 200 fighters. Players enter rooms where they will compete against everyone, as teams, or even against the game itself. From what I’ve been told there will be 21 game modes all in all, 13 PvP, and 8 PvE. Each fighter has their own unique sets of abilities given to them by their equipment. These equipment can be knocked of a fighter, and be taken by other players changing up their skills making them that much harder to fight against.

Once the questions were answered we were given a chance to try the game for ourselves. I personally enjoyed it, with all the chaos its hard not to. The controls were very simple with 3 buttons for the main controls of attack, defend, and jump. 4 other buttons were assigned for the abilities of the fighter each corresponding to a different gear; helmet, armor, weapon, and shoes. Players are also allowed to change from one fighter to another mid game. From what I gathered as i looked through the settings menu, the game also supports gamepads which is a plus for me. Though I did say there were 200 fighters, and 21 modes, there were only 20 fighters, and 5 modes made available to us at the time.

The Closed Beta Test for the game will last for a week starting November 7 up to November 13.

For more info on the game you can visit their website here