Little Nightmares: The Depths DLC is Now Available

The first part of the Secrets of the Maw expansion for Little Nightmares, the Depths is now available at the PSN, Xbox Live and Steam market.

The first chapter of the escape story focuses on The Runaway Kid, which is in parallel to Six’ storyline which is also taking place in the Little Nightmares main story. He must explore the decayed and flooded placement of the location, while solving water-based puzzles and swimming through the waters while escaping the grasp of The Granny.

Secrets of the Maw’s second expansion, The Hideway will be released in November of this year while the final chapter of the Runaway Kid’s story will arrive in January. Also, the complete edition, including Secrets of the Maw and the base game will also be available for purchase and pre-purchase in the future.