Lego Quest & Collect Adds a New Game Mode, The World Boss Raid, After a Million Downloads

Nexon’s Lego Quest & Collect has announced that they will be releasing a new update for the game after reaching a million downloads within 2 weeks of launch.

The update, The World Boss Raid which features the Nexo Knights villains, Evil Mobile and Sparks, who will appear in boss battles that can be challenged for 24 hours once activated. You can use up to 10 heroes at the same time to take the bosses down. You can also team up with players from across the community to defeat the World Boss together and get rewards up to 1,500 crystals.

Nexon also introduced a new legendary character, Bunny Suit Guy. The character is dressed in a bunny suit, which is famous in the LegoMinifigures theme. Bunny Suit Guy is unique  tp the World Boss Raid which can be obtained with the Premium Hero Cube. The game added a new building to one of the four dioramas, the Temple of Airjitsu.

The update will also be able to increase the speed of episodes by 1.5x.

Nexon will also run various events in-game until August 23rd, apart from rewarding those who participate in the World Boss Raids with additional crystals, heroes will have a 10x higher chance to obtain treasure chests in adventures. Also players who reach a certain Diorama level by August 30, will receive premium Super Soul bricks (Legend) as rewards.

You can download the game for the android platform or the iOS platform. For more info, you can check out the game’s homepage ad the official page