Huawei Philippines Launches Cloud & AI Summit, IP Club

Following the success of Huawei Connect 2020 in Shanghai last September, Huawei Philippines hosted its own Huawei Connect 2020 to introduce ICT solutions more suitable to the Philippine market. The event contains two major parts, Cloud & AI Summit and IP Club, aiming to build an innovative and sustainable ICT ecosystem that enables digitalization and intelligent transformation in the Philippines.

The online summit organized brought together business leaders and industry experts, academic scholars and partners to share industry insights, innovation, promote the implementation of cloud, AI, and 5G technology to facilitate digital transformation.

Combining Cloud, AI, 5G and IoT is going to produce a tremendous synergy: Cloud is the foundation to support everything; AI to make all things intelligent; 5G to provide ultra-reliable, low latency, high bandwidth connectivity; and IoT to provide the virtual immersion-interaction. The combination of these technologies will enable countless possibilities in very near future, with Huawei fully contributing capabilities on Connectivity, Cloud & AI, and Device to make cities, industries, and enterprises smarter.

Sylvia Wang, President of Huawei Cloud & AI Business Group in Philippines, said,

Huawei Philippines will focus on making these possibilities into reality with our partners, Philippine telecom operators, enterprise channel partners, cloud & AI technology partners, etc. to support a better digital Philippines, make technical not only technical, but the real-life Tech for All, Cloud for Good.

Featured in the event were the new update of Huawei Intelligent IP Network Solution, as well as demos of user experience with AI-powered CampusInsight and innovative automatic minute-level DCN fault rectification. Huawei 5F AR routers that enable the ultra-high-speed branch interconnections were also introduced.

According to Todd Liu, President of Huawei Enterprise Business Group in the Philippines.

In today’s world, we are entering a digital, smart society. Digital transformation is sweeping across industries.  Huawei believes that building a simplified and intelligent Autonomous Driving Network is a new way out. The network can be controlled dynamically and managed in a closed-loop manner. Key enablers include automatic deployment, pre-event simulation, post-event verification, prevention and prediction, and proactive optimization. Huawei appreciates customers’ continuous support over the years, and also hope the event will not only bring cutting-edge technology information, but also insightful ideas.

Huawei Connect 2020 Conference, an annual flagship event hosted by Huawei for the global ICT industry, is an open platform designed to help our customers and partners navigate changes, share experiences, and work together to create new value. This year’s event explored trends and opportunities in industry digitization, showcased advanced ICT technologies, products, and solutions, provided an insider’s look at the fruits of joint innovation, and shared best practices in digital transformation. Our ultimate goal is to build an open and sound industry ecosystem that will benefit all stakeholders and create new value for all industries. For more information, head here.