Get Unlimited Blade Works Characters in Mobile Game, The Alchemist Code

Gumi Inc. has announced a collaboration between their latest game, The Alchemist Code and Ufotable‘s Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] by bringing in selected popular characters from the UBW series to the world of The Alchemist Code.

Players can get Archer for free by playing the game during this event. And you can earn Archer Soul Shards to enhance Arhcer’s abilities by playing through the UBW main event quests.

Meanwhile. other players will get the chance to summon these UBW Masters and Servants in-game:

  1. Saber
  2. Gilgamesh
  3. Rin Tohsaka
  4. Illyasviel

During the event, iconic weapons and items seen in the series can be transmuted and summoned by the player in-game which are namely:

  1. Saber’s Excalibur
  2. Archer’s Kanshou & Bakuya Swords
  3. Gilgamesh’s Gate Of Babylon
  4. Rin Tohsaka’s Pendant
  5. Illyasviel’s Storch Ritter

Also players will have a chance to summon three special collaboration units , a fusion of The Alchemist Code characters with UBW servant classes which are namely:

  1. Rider Yomi
  2. Saber Lamia
  3. Archer Zahar

The event is running till May 2, 2018. You can download the game here for iOS devices and here for Android devices.