Fantasy Squad Handles Halloween Events for Two Weeks

Newest Fantasy Squad updates bring in a lot of Halloween themed events and awarding participating players with jewels.

The two events that are named the Spook-tacular Rodette’s Soulmate and SNS Event.

Here are some of the details for the following events:

SNS Event Mechanics:


  • Like the official post
  • Comment and leave your Squad Name (in-game name) in the comments section
  • Tag a friend to share Fantasy Squad‘s update

The event will give three winners new heroes while those who will participates will win 30 jewels.

Spook-tacular Rodette’s Soulmate (Soul Reaper Event) Mechanics:


  • Invite new players to download and play Fantasy Squad to earn gems
  • Each soul “reaped” will net you an increasing increment amount of jewels
  • The #1 Soul Reaper (the person who was able to get the most amount of new players) will get a hero of their choice
  • To join you all participants (the inviter and invitee) must fill-in the form here

For more info you can check the info you can check out the official Fantasy Squad fanpage here.