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Ever since I’ve posted about an upcoming revival of the old classic but goodie, Gunbound, I was finally able to get the details on what we can expect from the upcoming mobile (not just) game.

So here’s everything we need so far about the upcoming “New” Gunbound game. These came from the FAQ that Softnyx provided during their announcement of partnership with Electronics Extreme as publisher.

It’s the official Sequel

First things first, the New Gunbound is the official sequel to the 2003 title. This means that Softnyx is heavily involved with the development of this New Gunbound game. Though not totally on their own, the South Korean game developer has partnered with Rocket Punch in developing the game.

It’s release date

As of this post, the New Gunbound is set to be released in Q3 of this year, so expect more news within the months of July, August, and September.

It’s a multi-plat game

The original Gunbound was known to be a free-to-play PC game back then. As one of the first online PC games in the country, it’s hard to imagine that this all-new Gunbound game will be a multi-platform one. However, Gunbound was released during the time where phones weren’t as powerful as we have right now. Plus with everyone having their own smartphone in this day and age, being able to play the game on and against other people on both the PC and mobile platforms expands the user base that the game really relies on.

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Posted by Softnyx Latino on Friday, 3 May 2019

It’s has new features

As Gunbound‘s official sequel, the New Gunbound will feature tons of features that put the game on the map. However, what’s going to make or break the game would be the new features that this sequel will bring into the table. Not everyone can and will enjoy the classic gameplay, and nostalgia can only go so far.

Softnyx has mentioned that the New Gunbound will bring a new mode, which is Real Time mode, which would practically have people battle in real time. Yes, this means that in Real Time mode, you will be piloting your vehicle simultaneously with others unlike in the original game which is still present as classic mode. These two game modes will also have a ranking system.

On top of the PvP mode, New Gunbound will have PvE modes where players will fight against AI enemies which are called Adventure and Boss Raid mode. These game modes will provide players to gain experience points and acquire items to evolve and level up characters. There’s also an achievement quest system which will provide special rewards. A built-in tournament system is also aimed to be released in the game. A guild and marriage system is also reported to be included in the New Gunbound. (On how the marriage systems works, I can only guess).

It’s going to release in SEA first

The New Gunbound is set to be released within the Southeast Asia region first in partnership with Electronics Extreme.

It’s going to be open-minded to Esports

While Softnyx‘ reply to this question isn’t definite, but it seems like there will be game features that will be supportive to live streaming called Watch mode. No further details have been released to the esports aspect of New Gunbound, but I guess it’s going to be dependent on the initial player feedback.

So there you have it! I’ll be paying close attention to more updates on the New Gunbound as soon as I get them. What do you guys think? Will you be playing the game once it comes live?

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