Class Up Your Island with the Getty Animal Crossing Art Generator

Prepare to enter high society!

Remember that time when Ayala Museum used the Animal Crossing customization feature to promote regional clothes in the Philippines? It seems like Getty is also gettyng into the act of putting artworks into Animal Crossing.

Yes, that’s right, you can now create QR codes that contain the artworks Getty has on their website and transfer them into your Island! This is done through the site’s Animal Crossing Art Generator where the website allows you to crop from their selection of artworks (and from other museum’s artworks as long as they have IIIF or International Image Interoperability Framework). And the website will immediately provide you with a QR Code that you can use to download it via the in-game Nook Phone and viola! You can now hang the artwork you want on your home or wherever on your island!

Here’s a screenshot of me trying to get the Mona Lisa from their works in QR form:

You can try to find other artworks in their website to spruce up your island! Also if you’re someone who lives in the Philippines and can’t seem to download the Nintendo Switch Online App, you can head here for my guide on how to get it!