Changes to Team Storage, Token Functionalities and Trading Come with 24 Hour Tree of Savior Server Migration Maintenace

Change is coming to Tree of Savior and it is good.

IMC Games has finally announced the highly anticipated server migration maintenance for the game. Players who have opted to migrate from the Klaipeda or Orsha servers to either the EU or SEA servers will get to finally move to their new homes after the 24 hour long maintenance.

Yes you read it right, the current maintenance was announced to last 24 hours (at the minimum).

Along with the server migration maintenance comes some game changes that will affect players for the better. Some of the highlights in the Patch notes include better Token and Team Storage functionalities, a new means to increase Team Storage and non Token players can now trade (but with certain item changes).

Yes, that’s right it seems that IMC Games finally found a good way to fight against Real Money Trading players (RMT) and yet not castrating game functionalities for those who F2P.

Emphasis on some items in the patch notes are done by me.

For the complete details, here’s the exact patch notes and announcement:

Greetings, Saviors.

Due to a massive team transfer needed, our maintenance on the 26th will be much longer than usual; we will be holding the maintenance for 24 hours.

The scheduled maintenance will last from April 26th, 01:00 EDT to April 27th, 01:00 EDT.

Maintenance Notes:

  • Move the teams that requested server transfer
  • For changes made to the game, please refer to our patch notes

Patch Notes:


  1. The following monsters will be registered and appropriately in the Adventure Journal and their hunt rewards will be added as well:
    • Terra Imp Archer, Imprisoned Infrogalas Archer, Cronewt Poison Needler, and Nuo

  3. Some recipes were showing stacked graphics if there was only one ingredient. This has been fixed.

  5. A bug was causing physical defense to drop when swapping sub-weapons after attaching Red Gems that were not roasted. This has been fixed.

  7. Friend or Foe Error fix: Upon completion of the quest, the text “none” was appearing on the quest window. This has been fixed.

  9. Business Interference (2) fix: Loftlem will no longer spawn continuously.

  11. Mop Up the Forger (4) fix: It is now impossible to attack the boss monster from the staircase area.

  13. Sacrament: The increase in holy properly attack wouldn’t show on the character window when moving to a different map with the buff. This has been fixed.

  15. Swash Buckling: The attribute that increases your max HP while the skill is active was causing the max HP to revert back to the original amount when reusing the skill. This has been fixed.

  17. New costumes are coming to the TP store:

    • Warrior’s Spring Flower Dress (Male and Female), Wizard’s Spring Flower Dress (Male and Female), Priest’s Spring Flower Dress (Male and Female), and Archer’s Flower Dress (Male and Female)

  19. Team Storage functionalities are changed:
    • Moving items to and from the Team Storage will not use up your Token’s number of trades
    • Equipments do not lose Potential, and consumables and materials do not gain Total Untradable points.
    • Untradable materials could be stored and taken out before. This has been fixed.
    • You still need to use a Token to access Team Storage; this requirement has not changed.

  21. New collections are added. These collections allow you to expand your Team Storage. (The translation is subject to change)
    • Bug Hater / What Is Falchion / Love For Foreign Land

  23. Token functionalities are partially changed:
    • You can acquire attributes immediately
    • The number of items you can register on the market increases from 5 to 10

  25. The following ON/OFF options have been added to the game settings window:
    • Apply background effect
    • Apply dead parts (the explosive effects of monsters on death)
    • Apply character silhouettes

  27. Non-Token users are also able to trade.

    • 1:1 trading between two Token users remains the same. However, if even one player does not have a Token activated, the traded item will become [Untradable] after the trade.

So there you have it! Are you now looking forward to ToS after this update? Please sound of in the comments!