One of the latest games to grace my phone, Castle Burn is a RTS PvP game for the mobile phone. You use cards to summon creatures to fight alongside your chosen hero to destroy the enemy player’s base. This game may be the next Clash Royale

The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy player’s base, by building up your own base, and sending units to attack it. Now some of you may be thinking that you’ve seen this formula before in Clash Royale and you would be correct in thinking that, but that’s where the similarities end.

Castle Burn does many things differently from deck building to how the battles are fought. For one thing the deck that you use can be changed on the spot as you fight the other player. You could go for a quick summon deck with goblins, and find out later you would need to get tankier units, and change it accordingly. You may have wanted to go for a slow game, but the other player sent in units to destroy your base right away, so you would need to get units that are easy to send out, stuff like that. The game also has a fog of war system that you can either send units into or to expand your vision by building more barracks.

I give this rating of 9 because of the potential I’ve seen in this game. There are many components in it that require lots of strategy, which I find very fun when I look for games. I love how they expanded on the formula that Clash Royale has made with the fog of war, and building your deck on the fly, giving lots of flexibility for players to change it up and come out on top despite bad starts. I could really see this game having tournaments in the near future if it catches on, and am hopeful it does.

You can download the game here for the Android platform and the game will be headed to the iOS platform.