Board Game Video Games: Better or Worse than the Originals?

Board games are kind of a part of our culture, as we can all remember getting these games out on a family night in. Nowadays, you can play many of these electronically as video games, but can they match up to the originals? Here are some of the top versions of the online games that we know and love.


There have been quite a few games and apps that have been licenced to use this game’s branding. The NES version came out back in 1991 and created a really simple version of the board game. Although you’ll still be playing with others, a lot of the stress and boring setup that goes into the game is removed.

When you’re playing the board games, it can be a bit of a nightmare. No one knows the exact rules, calculations or basically anything else about the game. With the NES version, it does all the hard work for you and just lets you relax with the game instead. Of course, we can’t say it will completely stop the arguments from happening but it does ease the tension.


Another game that’s rooted in nostalgia and memories of our early years, this game really appeals to our passive aggressive nature. This game is one that you’ll most likely fighting with your siblings or friends over, as it really did hurt some feelings back in the day.

If you choose to play the electronic version, then some of that sarcasm and aggressiveness is thankfully lost. This takes the key elements of the games, while improving it with less actual human interaction. This version debuted on the PC in 1998, with its own unique charm. The humour within the game has to be one of its best points, as you play you’ll find a lot of things to like about this game.


You don’t need to traipse down to the bingo hall to play this game, as there are lots of versions out there that you can play online. This includes offering you the chance to win a jackpot and even give you the chance to play for free, as there are a lot of free sites out there. If you want to find the best of both worlds then we’d recommend the review site as a source of some brilliant information.


This tricky game doesn’t take long to become accustomed to, but takes a lifetime to master. If you want to try it out without having to splash out on a board or read up a lot of rules then you can play the video game version. This comes complete with rules, 3D graphics and all sorts of other options to spice up the action further.

While you don’t need to pick the electronic versions of these games over the physical versions, we do think that these ones are better. You can always play the real games for a while and then, before the real drama starts with your family members, you can retreat to your video games.