BnB M Welcomes an Old Friend from the PC Version of BnB

The Crazy Arcade crew is adding a new member to BnB M. her name is Su, the adorable playable character from BnB PC, and she boasts a passive ability which stuns all players within a three by three area surrounding teammates that she rescues. Along with her, the Zombie Mode has also been rebalanced to improve general gameplay mechanics. The base rule that if all humans become infected, the zombie team wins remains the same. An additional score system has been added, which grades individual players on a one to eight rank. Humans can increase their score by staying uninfected and rescuing teammates whereas zombies can gain earn extra points by infecting players to turn them into zombies.

 In addition to Su and the Zombie Mode balances, the following new features are now available:

  • Festive Daily Shop – All players will now receive a totally-unique shopping list for the new Daily Shop. Each list is renewed on a daily basis or can be changed manually by spending Lucci
  • Regular Store Update – BnB M’s charming in-game shopping center receives a fresh wave of costumes, this time with the theme of Baby.