Archers Get a Boost in June’s Latest Update

The RPG classic, Archer is getting a power boost in MapleStory M. Today, the special archers Mercedes, Wind Archer, Bow Mastery, and Marksman receive attack skill rebalances, which adjust their powers to higher than ever before. Maplers can dive into all the latest updated features for free on the App Store and Google Play.

In this update, players can test their heroes’ powers against the all-new Von Bon dungeon boss of the new Root Abyss dungeon. Von Bon is the first guardian of the Root Abyss, and as a skilled magician, he can manipulate the flow of time within it. Players can team up into parties to fight Von Bon for the chance to earn special items that increase maximum damage to weapons. Players can also earn Root Abyss exchange currency, which can be used to purchase exclusive equipment and buff items.

In addition to the Archer class rebalances and new dungeon, today’s update delivers a myriad of new features, including:

  • Powerful Battle Mage – The all-new melee specialist Battle Mage can use auras to boost players’ party members and strike several foes simultaneously with flashy attacks
  • The Resistance – This rag-tag group of rebel forces from Edelstein appears today with the sole goal of eliminating the Black Wings. Comprised of Edelstein’s citizens, the Resistance fights to reclaim their homeland
  • Game Improvements: Players will be able to anvil unisex styles into gender-specific styles to show off their personal flair. The Style Preset has also been updated, allowing players to switch between styles whenever they want.

Players can also participate in several in-game events, including:

  • Battle Mage Growth Support Event – From now until Saturday, June 27, players who reach a certain level will receive additional in-game items to help them further level up
  • Battle Mage Burning Event – From now until Saturday, June 27, players can create a new updated character during the event to receive two additional levels up for every event level up they secure
  • Special On-Time Event – From now until Sunday, June 7, players who log-in during the event period will receive the special gift help the character level up
  • Additional Events – In the Rose Bush Event, players can clear specific achievement missions for rose bush coins, which can be used to purchase the Jewel and other items. In the Museum Event, players who collect fossils in the monster hunt will also earn a reward.