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For those who have sunk a lot of time, tears, and blood(?) on League of Legends‘ auto-battler, Teamfight Tactics, this #League10 has something for you (us, though there’s no us, okay not going down that rabbit hole).

The announcement video listed down what we can expect this coming pre-season which includes the inclusion of seasonal sets which would rotate champions, origins, classes, and items for TFT. The new sets promises to keep a few familiar features while changing a few champions and even bring in new ones.

The TFT team will be exploring alternate universes so I’m kind of expecting pro-bab-ly Star Guardians coming in on the TFT boards sometime soon?

What’s mentioned also is the upcoming first seasonal set titled, Rise of the Elementals which is coming to live servers in less than a month. Rise of the Elementals introduces new Origins such as Desert (Sivir), Inferno (Diana), Poison (Kog’Maw), and Classes such as the Summoners (Zyra), and Mystics (Nami). New champions are also coming in to the update like Lux, Annie, and Olaf. And it seems like the Rise of the Elementals version of Zed will get a new twist since that one shown in the video is his Shockblade skin.

Announced also is the rewards for beta players for climbing during this season, plus a new slew of Little Legends, Arena skins and more aesthetic items are added to the update.

What’s more important during the announcement is that TFT will finally be getting it’s own mobile app available for android and iOS users. Accounts are crossplay friendly so you can most probably assume that you can log on using your PC account on the mobile app and play against players on  both platforms.

I’ll be watching for more details on this as we get more information.

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