Action-Packed Cartoon Mobile Racer KartRider Rush+ Available Now

3… 2… 1… GO! All stoplights turn green for the latest kart-racing obsession, KartRider Rush+. Beginning today, mobile gamers and kart-racing lovers can drift into the all-new racing multiplayer game from Nexon Korea Corporation.

KartRider Rush+ delivers crisp, 3D animation paired with adorable graphics for friendly and fun go-kart mini games. To celebrate today’s launch, players can enjoy the game’s first-ever mission. Racers who complete the challenge will unlock the “Special Angel’s Wings” reward or can earn white wing pieces to exchange for it. Additional fresh items such as the Bear Cub Driftmoji, Turbo Crystal x 2,000 and Green Space PJs can be unlocked by completing other new challenges.

The KartRider Rush+ update arrives just one month after the official pre-registration period opened. In that time, more than five million community members have participated, all earning special in-game items for today’s launch. KartRider Rush+ is available in four total languages and is available to play around the globe.

KartRider Rush+ boasts multiple new features that deliver casual racing gameplay, such as:

  • Redesigned Characters – All characters from the original game have received fresh artwork for the new title
  • Beautiful Backgrounds – The colorful racetracks offer crisp graphics with unprecedented details for mobile devices
  • Drifting – Players can use the new drift feature to coast around corners with ease and get an edge on the competition
  • Fun Game Modes seven game modes, including Speed Race Mode, Arcade Mode (Item Race, Relay Race, etc.), Ranked Mode, Story Mode, Time Trial, Training Camp, and License Test.