A New Card Game is Released with Heroes Crash

Last May 31, we were given word that Game Hollywood has released it’s latest game that focuses on Card game mechanics while allowing players to play around various units and spells against AI and human controlled players in real time with Heroes Crash.

Players from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

The game is currently only available on Google Play and will be on available soon on Facebook Gameroom and then it’s going to be available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch later on.

According to the post, here’s what Heroes Crash has to offer:

Heroes Crash allows players to train and command a team of heroes in fast-paced combats while experiencing the thrill of casting different spells with magic cards. Build the ultimate deck by choosing from the great variety of Heroes and Magic Cards to play real-time 1v1 Duels.

Once a duel starts, the deck the players create, the heroes’ position and the combination of magic cards will be the key to win the battle. Players can face duelists from all over the world, and will be matched according to their strength.

Meanwhile, here are some of the game features:

  • Defeat every duelist  Establish your team formation using different heroes and their unique skills. Collect as many Magic Cards as possible and take control of the battlefield.
  • Explore your unlimited potential – Create your own deck with Heroes and Magic Cards. Upgrade each unique hero for better battle performance.
  • Cast Spells and see their effects – Cast spells by simply sliding the cards on the screen.
  • Sort your deck and be the strongest dueler – Duel against players in real-time and turn-based 1v1 battles where you will be matched up by strength.
  • Enjoy your adventure with solo-play Complete the campaign quests for awesome rewards. Face multiple bosses hiding in unknown dungeons for extra loot.

You can check out the game on the Google Play store on this link.