Throw Throw Burrito out on Kickstarter

From the creators of the hit push your luck card game, Exploding Kittens, comes another new wacky game called Throw Throw Burrito. The game still involves cards but adds a new game mechanic which isn’t commonly used by game designers, the dodgeball mechanic. As the title of the game implies there will be throwing of burritos, 2 squishy toy burritos to be exact. Players will race to collect cards of the same kind. The burrito battles happen when a burrito card is played, in which players will fight with the toy burritos, those who were hit lose points. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way to victory

The game’s premise is very simple and honestly sounds like a lot of fun, but can’t be played just anywhere. Because it involves players having to run around, it’s advised that you clear the room of any fragile objects, whether it be antiques, dinnerware, or big whiny babies.

Throw Throw Burrito is currently out on Kickstarter. I think its definitely a game worth looking out for. You can back the Kickstarter and pledge 10 usd to secure an Original edition which includes the game, and whatever stretch goals are unlocked. There is also the Extreme Edition which comes with waterproof cards, Inflatable burritos, wristbands, sweatbands, and safety goggles, for playing outdoors for 85 usd.