Millennium Blades: Collusion Kickstarter Starts February 2019

Some of you might recognize it from a previous review I did before for the base set, which you can find here if you haven’t read it yet.  Published by Level 99 Games, Millennium Blades is a Collectible Card Game(CCG) Simulator, where players take on the roles of CCG players, buy cards, build decks, build a collection, and of course take part in tournaments, all within about 1.5 hours.

Level 99 Games is about to start the Kickstarter for their latest expansion for it called Millennium Blades: Collusion. It will feature new pro players, new boosters, and new rules such as a team vs team variant, and smaller store decks, which was one of the bigger problems it had. It will also feature a box and storage solution that can fit the base set along with all previous expansions.

Summary of what to expect in the Collusion Expansion:

  • NPC Cards
  • Team VS Team
  • 6 new Pro Players
  • 21 new card sets(6 expansions,5 premiums, 4 masters, 6 promos)
  • Storage solution for all Millennium Blades sets(base and expansions)

If you would like to support this Kickstarter the Pledges range from a 20 usd, which gives you the Crossover Chaos Expansion that includes card sets made in partnership with other boardgame publishers such as Slugfest Games(Red Dragon Inn), and Roxley (Dice Throne), all the way to a 1500 usd option for those that want everything plus a 12 card set made in the theme of your choosing. There are also pledge tiers for those that don’t have the game yet, some include all expansions, while others will just be the base set and the Crossover Chaos. Given the chance, I would definitely get the 60 usd option that includes both Crossover Chaos and Collusion

As of now, the known stretch goals are 6 new venues to play in, Store and Aftermarket trays to keep the cards from sliding, and Crafting Country, which I’m assuming is another option for crafting items to help later on in the game.