IDW Games’ Latest Kickstarter, Funded Within 3 Hours

Last January 16, 2019, IDW Games launched the kickstarter for their newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventure games. The game originally had a 4v1 system where 4 players take on the role of the turtles while one player controls the rest of the pieces. Now they’ve improved upon it by adding a co-op mode where you can all work together instead. You can either follow the game’s pre-built scenarios and follow the storyline or create your own scenarios.

The game uses dice unique to each hero all with their own specialty. Don has the best defense, Mikey is the quickest, Leo has the most skill, while Raph is pretty much the jack of all trades. Of course, they aren’t the only heroes, April, Casey, and even master Splinter can lend a hand.

The kickstarter currently has 3 bundles, Change is Constant Bundle, City Fall Bundle, and the All the Loot Bundle. In the Change is Constant Bundle you will receive the TMNT Adventures: Change is Constant Stand-alone game, Stan Sakai Character Box (Kickstarter exclusive), and Loner Raph Alt-Sculpt and dice (Kickstarter exclusive). The City Fall Bundle, on the other hand, has the City Fall Stand Alone game, Deviations Enemy Box(Kickstarter Exclusive), and the Savage Slash Alt- Sculpt(Kickstarter Exclusive). They both differ in many ways, one of which is the heroes available to you. The Change is Constant set gives you the 4 Turtles while the City Falls has players using master Splinter, April O’Neil, Angel Bridge, and Old Hob. Another difference is that the Change is Constant set has a pretty simple storyline where the turtles and Casey fight of street thugs, and later on even Stockman‘s Mega Mouser, while the City Fall has a much darker tone with a brainwashed Leo leading the foot clan. These are just some of the few differences between them. Despite their differences, IDW Games has made it that the heroes and villains are interchangeable with each other and the previous game Shadows of the Past. The last of these bundles, the All the Loot Bundle, as it implies, contains both bundles.

The kickstarter has only been up for a few days and has already completed their goal of 200,000 usd, and the pledge is still growing. Fans of TMNT or Shadows of the Past, or even just those who like to play board games can back this project and maybe get a copy of their own by going to their Kickstarter page. The Change is Constant and City Fall Bundles are priced at 125.00 usd each while the All the Loot Bundle is at 250 usd.  Once the project is over, backers can expect to get their copies around October of this year. The kickstarter will end on Feb 8, 2019, so back them now while you can.