Gumi Asia Release Details for ESGS On-site Contests and Giveaways

If you missed our earlier news post, Gumi Asia has announced that they will be coming to Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit this year and will have a plethora of events on-site and pre-event that will have fans of the game excited before October even sets in for their Final Fantasy Brave Exvius fans.

Aside from the ESGS tickets giveaway, Gumi Asia will also have a lot of on-site events for the two days of the event. Here’s the list and details for most of the on-site event happening on the two days.

If you’re looking for the ESGS Ticket Giveaway, you can head here. Meanwhile for the whole announcement, you can head here.

Photo Contest

  • Take a photo with our FFBE Cosplayers at the FFBE booth in ESGS.
    • Cosplayers Mimingho (will be cosplaying as Fina), and Jin (cosplaying as Rain) will be present on the event
    • Other characters will also be cosplayed such as Lasswell, and Lid.
  • Post the image on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtags #FFBExESGS2019 and #gumiatESGS2019.
  • Set the photo to public and show the post to the official FFBE marshals at the booth.
  • Valid participants will receive a Character Standee*
    *Each participant can only win one Character Standee throughout the ESGS period.
  • The event is available from October 25 until October 27.

Like FFBE Facebook Page and WIN!

  • Register at the FFBE booth in ESGS.
  • Show that you have liked the FFBE Facebook Page.
  • Valid Participants will receive a FFBE Clear File*
    *Each participant can only win one FFBE Clear File throughout the ESGS period.
  • The event is available from October 25 until October 27.

ESGS Special Daily Quests

  • Visit the FFBE booth in ESGS and get the quest log from our friendly NPC (Official FFBE staff or cosplayers).
  • Complete the following activities happening in the booth:

ESGS Special Daily Quest 1: FFBE Memory Game

  • The Friendly NPC will mix up the cards and lay them in rows, faced down.
  • Turn over any of 2 cards at a time.
  • If the two cards match, you can place them aside. If not, you need to turn them back over.
  • Make sure to remember each card and its location.
  • All cards must be matched within 30 seconds to complete the quest.

ESGS Special Daily Quest 2: FFBE Puzzle Game

  • Shift the jumbled pieces of puzzle to the correct image.
  • The puzzle must be completed within 30 seconds to complete the quest.
  • You will receive an exclusive prize* for completing the two ESGS Special Daily Quests
  • On top of that, 3 lucky winners will stand a chance to win a FFBE Producer signed poster. These winners will be chosen randomly amongst those who have completed the quests.
  • Rewards for the 3 lucky winners will be presented on October 26 during FFBE stage presentation
  • The event is available from October 25 until October 27.
    *Limited stocks.
    *Merchandise can be redeemed at FFBE Booth.

For the full details of the community events lined up from Gumi Asia, you can head here.