Cosmic Gorgons Gaming & Art Lounge Hosting Super Smash Brothers Crew Battle and PokeBattle Monthly

Fans of both Super Smash Brothers and Pokemon Sun/Moon are in for a treat as Cosmic Gorgons Gaming & Art Lounge is hosting tournaments for both games this coming February 25 and 26.

The Smash Crew Battle, which Cosmic Gorgons partners with local Smash Community, Smash Bros Philippines is set on Saturday afternoon, on the 25th.  The tournament will be a 4v4 Team battle using a the double elimination format.

Here’s the complete rundown of the tournament:

Smash Crew Battle

Date of Tournament: February 25
Registration Time: 3:00 PM
Tourney Proper: 4:30 PM
Double Elimination Format (Note: Tourney format subject to change depending on number of participants.)

Registration: P500/Team
Pre-Reg Form:

8-Player Smash Mode (Team Battle 4v4)
Player Stocks: 2
Time Limit: 8 minutes
Maps Allowed: Big Battle Field, Pokemon Stadium 2,Omega Big Battle Field and Omega Guar Plains
Controllers Allowed: Gamecube Controller and Wii U Pro Controller (Please bring your own controller.)

For the Pokemon battle, Cosmic Gorgons partners with local Pokemon group, Pilipinas Got Pokemon. The tournament will be locked with the latest generation of the game, which is namely Pokemon Sun and Moon. The tournament will use the VGC 2017 rules.

PokeBattle Monthly

Game: Pokemon Sun / Moon (Nintendo 3DS)
Date of Tournament: February 26
Registration Time: 2:00 PM
Pre-Registration Form: TBA
Tourney Proper: 3:00 PM
Registration: P200/Player (inclusive of bottomless Iced Tea)
Format: International Rules VGC 17 Swiss + Top Cut (A detailed rules and guideline at this link:…/a…/tournaments-rules-and-resources/)

For further questions and or if you want to know how to get to the venue, you can head to the Cosmic Gorgons fanpage found here.