A Fighting Game Extravaganza Will Happen This Weekend with Rev Major Philippines 2018

PlayBook Video Game Lounge + Bookshop is hosting the country’s premiere fighting game event, the Rev Major, this coming weekend, September 15-16 at the Power Mac Center Spotlight, in Circuit Makati.

On it’s 2nd run, the Rev Major will bring in yet again the biggest fighting games in the country with local players facing against international pros for two days.

Visiting international pros are:

  • 2-time EVO Champ – Bae Knee Jae Min
  • Byeong Mun Qudans Son
  • Sang-hyunJeonddingJeon
  • YuYu
  • Tanukana

Unlike last year where Rev Major was a Tekken 7 focused, this year, The Rev Majors will also host tournaments for other Fighting Games such as Smash Bros. Melee, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle and Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

As it was last year, the Rev Major is a Challenger Event for the Tekken World Tour. An added prestigious tournament will be included as the Rev Major will also be an official part of the Smash Masters League.

Tickets for participants are available here. Spectator Passes will be made available during the event proper.

This event is organized by PlayBook Esports together with Gariath Concepts.