7-Eleven Philippines Inviting People to Become the Next Justice League Spinner Hero

7-Eleven is celebrating Justice League by inviting fans to #UniteTheLeague by showing off their ultimate spinner moves on social media.

As part of 7-Eleven‘s celebration, they brand had their Justice League Spinner HeroesLiui Aquino, Eunice Jorge, Paolo Valenciano, and Saab Magalona – shared their very own spinner tricks via their Instagram accounts. To join in on the fun, all you have to do is use your limited-edition Justice League spinner, recreate their tricks, and upload it on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).

Use the hashtag #SpinnersUnite alongside the corresponding hashtags of your fave Spinner hero- #TwirlTrioLiui, #WhirlwindEunice, #SpinStancePaolo, and #SomersaultSaab to impress your friends and maybe even get the chance to be featured as the next Spinner Hero.

You can now grab the five spinner designs (Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman) from the various 7-Eleven stores. You can also get five mystery designs that are out.

If you’re collecting the spinners you can get them two ways:

  • Collecting Justice League spinner stickers; you earn 1 sticker whenever you buy 50 php worth of products at any 7-Eleven store nationwide.
  • Use the CLiQQ card or app to earn E-stamps, which you can download on Google Play and the App Store. You earn 1 E-stamp for every 50 php single or accumulated purchase when scan your Rewards barcode.

Once you collect a total of 25 stickers or 20 e-stamps, use them to claim your very own Justice League spinner. Stickers and e-stamps can be earned until November 21, while the claiming of spinners is until January 3, 2018.

You can also earn points faster by purchasing participating booster items. You can find out about these booster items by visiting the 7-Eleven Philippines website.