Gigabyte Aorus M4

Left-handed gamers. Yes, they exist. Yes, they are out there. I’ve seen a few and played with a few. They’re almost always left out when it comes to stuff being southpaw-friendly. A gaming mouse is no exception. More often than not, gaming mice are targeted towards right-handed players. It’s obvious with the shape and the layout of the buttons. Well, we have an addition to the roster of ambidextrous gaming mice in the market. The Gigabyte Aorus M4 gaming mouse is a no-fuss, straightforward solution to your left-handed gaming woes. It’s an ambidextrous gaming mouse with buttons on the left and right side that’s shaped symmetrically.

Let’s start with the shape. The Aorus M4 feels great if you’re a palm grip kind of guy. It fits my medium-sized hands pretty well and the hump in the back gives you a great sense of control. The scroll wheel is responsive and the side buttons are placed adequately near the thumbs and are not hard to press. There’s a slight issue here if you use a claw grip. I find that even though the left and right switches are unibody if you press somewhere in the middle, the click won’t register. It’s a hit and miss really.

When it comes to performance, the Pixart 3988 sensor does its job pretty well. I didn’t have any problems with tracking on my Steelseries Qck mousepad. You can adjust the sensitivity from 50 dpi up to 6400 dpi.

These are fitted with Omron switches for better durability and tactility and is rated at around 50 million clicks. The clicks are audible and satisfying to press.

And what’s a gaming mouse with its RGB? You can use the Aorus Engine to customize the mouse with a variety of lighting effects with 16.7m colors to choose from. Same with our review of the K1, I find the RGB software a bit problematic sometimes. But if you’re not that choosy with your lighting, it’s good enough to set what color you want it to glow with.

Overall, the Gigabyte Aorus M4 is a simple gaming mouse that will fit any requirement, provided that you’re comfortable with its size and weight. It’s got a gaming-grade sensor paired with Omron switches, and honestly, that’s all you need to get those frags and climb the ranks. For ₱1,899, this is definitely a good option for a daily driver. You can check out the list of retailers of the mouse here.

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Ambidextrous shape
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Gaming-grade sensor
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