ZenPower Slim 6000

The power bank has been one of the staple accessories we need to have this days. ASUS among other companies have been releasing their own power banks to supply their customers with their very own produced power banks.

For ASUS, their ZenPower line gets a new brother with the ZenPower Slim 6000 mAh. It’s power capacity is twice the first ZenPower and it has lost the flashlight feature but was has a “smarter” charging feature that provides a safer portable charging option for your smartphone.

So before I go into the details, here’s the rundown of the tech specs for the Slim 6000 mAh.

Tech specs:

  • Capacity: 6,000 mAh
  • Output: 2.4A
  • Weight: 170g
  • Battery: Li-Polymer
  • Colors: Burgundy Red, Sand Gold
  • SRP: 719 php


As you can see the Slim 6000 follows the original size of the first slim. Though it did away with the sleeker, stylish look and went back to the original ZenPower design.

Back view

The ZenPower is one of those power banks that I’d like to keep on carrying since it’s pretty handy in my bag. Since I’m already lugging around heavy bags whenever I head out and bring my laptop, I was able to appreciate of the slim design.

However, one of the things I didn’t like though since, the overall look and design went back to the original ZenPower look, I’m more concerned of having the power bank in the bag and get scratched by the stuff I have inside.

Still the power bank delivered. The ZenPower Slim 6000 promises the following times you can use the ZenPower Slim 6000 on some of the following smartphones.

  • ZenFone 3 5.5″: 1.7x
  • ZenFone 3 5.2″: 1.9x
  • ZenFone Go 4.5″: 2.4x

So far, I was able to charge the ZenFone 5 one time with the Slim 6000 so it just fits the promise quite fine.


Among the main features of the Slim 6000 is that it allows fast charging and auto detects trickle charge. So it allows to maintain the battery charge of the devices connected to the Slim 6000 without having to lose the battery life by it;s discharge.

I don’t want to act like a know-it-all though and I actually had to research what trickle charging is, to find the more detailed explanation to it, you can head here. The tl;dr version of it is that the Slim 6000 knows how much energy is still needed to cover the discharge rate of the device you have connected to it. And so far it has proven itself useful but you won’t be able to notice it if you aren’t paying attention.

Final Thoughts

So far, I’m pretty happy and satisfied with the ZenPower Slim 6000. It was able to deliver what it promised and more. The compact size and the price point, currently at 719 php SRP well it seems like it’s a good steal for a power bank as any.

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Small enough to fit any bag
The Bad
Prone to sratches